How to Change a Battery of Your Car

How to Change the Battery of Your Car

We have heard this many times from the drivers that a battery failed at the most awkward minute. And, the situation occurs mostly in winter when the battery is most exposed to critical temperatures and, having exhausted the reserve, is completely discharged.

What to do in this circumstance?

The appropriate response is one: go to the closest auto shop and purchase another battery. When buying a battery, you will need to install it. There are two alternatives - tow your car to the closest service station, or replace the battery with your very own hands. With the first choice, everything is clear, but everyone doesn’t know how to replace a car battery. Today we will tell you about this in a simple way.

1. Let’s begin with the way that you need to purchase a car battery that fits in size and, in particular, performance. You can purchase exactly the same battery as pre-installed on it, or you can buy it from another manufacturer. It’s really tough to find the store selling the same battery so here you will have to do some research own as we are not mentioning anyone’s name. The list you can find on Google easily. You just have to look up the parameters that match your requirement or not. After buying the battery now let's install a new battery, removing the old one. To do this, you will need wrenches of various sizes, a screwdriver, and rubberized gloves. Before disconnecting and removing a failed device, let us ask ourselves the question: is there any equipment in the vehicle’s equipment such as a radio, a navigator, an onboard computer. The car must be in the park with the engine turned off. Disconnect terminals. A wrench of 10 sizes is perfectly suitable for this procedure, although some models may some different threads. Here, you don’t need to get confused between the “Plus” and “Minus” terminal, but automobile mechanics will recommend starting with the plus.


2. Disassemble the old battery. Different Car models may have different batteries. To disassemble the battery, first, remove the terminals, push the casing halves that affect the battery from the external impacts, and pulling the handle, remove the device from the slots.


3. Before installing a new battery, it is necessary to clean the terminals that may have oxidized during long-term operation (as a rule, new batteries function for 4-7 years). We clean the terminals with an old toothbrush moistened with baking soda solution.


After that, carefully install a new battery in the grooves, fasten it. Then we set the terminals. If you first removed the “Plus” then the “Minus” terminals, then first you have to connect the “negative” terminal to the new battery, and then the “positive”. And, ahead you have to follow the same procedure you applied to remove the old battery that means just have to pack up all the things.



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